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Why have live music events?

  • Attract new customers
  • Repay loyal regulars
  • Make your business distinctive
  • Build a great reputation
  • Increase your sales
What makes a successful music event?

Providing live music at your venue can be an easy and rewarding way to increase your sales and build a good customer base.

If you are thinking of having entertainment, we suggest you have a look through our top tips.

Consult your customers

Live entertainment makes a special night out for your regular customers as well as bring in new customers. It is worth asking your customers of the kind of event they would like to see and consult them about any new ideas you may have.

Establish a regular frequency

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, it is important to establish a regular frequency to reap the best results from providing live entertainment. Always establish regular pattern even if it is “the last Friday of each month” as customers will then remember and expect it.

Theme the event

Theme evenings really do work to help build your reputation and raise the profile of your venue. There are many ideas to choose from including tribute acts, a decade theme eg. 80’s, or music genre eg rock n roll or Soul & Motown. How about theme evenings around a drinks promotion, themed food evening eg Caribbean with a reggae act, a fancy dress night or occasion eg Halloween. Ensure your music fits your theme, decorate your venue

Work out the performance times well

Acts usually play either two or three sets with breaks in between, during which they will play background music, so your customers remain entertained. If you are having a theme night remember to ask the act to play background music that fits your theme. Also consider your start and finish times – if your customers tend to leave early, then maybe start the entertainment earlier so the act isn’t singing to an empty room.

Choose the best position for the performers

Positioning is crucial to visibility, sound and safety. Bear in mind the sound should be relayed evenly to ensure the sound quality doesn’t suffer. Ensure there are sufficient power points, so there are no trailing cables. Consider the size the size of your venue, don’t book an 8-piece band if the performance area is only big enough for a 3-piece band. Fire exits and emergency access must also be kept clear.

Live music will work for you and your venue, but you will need to be committed to its success. Give it a good run as it may need time to establish itself at your venue. Keep a note of how successful different things were, so when you re-book you can take this into account.

We are hereto advise and guide you when you are providing live entertainment. Tim has wide experience of providing entertainment at different types of venues and is happy to work with you to build a successful and profitable addition to your business.

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