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Rock “n” Roll & Rockabilly

This is where it all began for Tim Elliott. Not being musical himself, he started out, running Rock “n” Roll clubs in the Northamptonshire area and this genre was his passion and it remains his speciality area.

The acts included here are just a small sample of acts we can access and book for your venue or event. Synonymous with the 1950’s, Rock “n” Roll and Rockabilly have their roots in the USA. Rockabilly was one of the early stages of Rock “n” Roll and is a mix of Rock“n” Roll and Hillbilly music. Rock “n” Roll is a blend of Black rhythm-and-blues and White country and western.

With a huge following this is a very popular genre of music and we have a selection of acts available from solo artists to full bands who will have you jiving the night away.


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Big Beat Entertainment - Matchbox


The original Rockabilly Rebels

Have you ever been to see a band from the 1970’s and turned up to find out the only remaining original member was the drummer, singer or bass player?

Well try booking Matchbox….not only will you hear a string of hits, including top 10 songs such as When You Ask About Love, Midnight Dynamos and their million selling classic, Rockabilly Rebel, but you will also find the exact line up that originally made all those records. If this is not unique, it is very rare indeed.  

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Big Beat Entertainment - The Jets

The Jets  

Never fail to deliver a sensational show.      

Featuring the ultra-talented Cotton Brothers, The Jets have been thrilling audiences since 1980. With hit records around the world such as, “Love Makes the World go round”, “Yes, tonight Josephine” and “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”, they have appeared on hundreds of TV shows and featuring in national BBC & ITV dramas and performed alongside acts like Cliff Richard, Shakin’ Stevens and Meatloaf.

With over 2000 live shows to their credit, The Jets never fail to deliver a sensational show.      

BASED:- Northants

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Big Beat Entertainment - Rebel Dean

Rebel Dean

A truly versatile, an all-round entertainer

Just the name, Rebel Dean, conjours up an image of some ‘50’s Rock “n” Roll idol leaning moodily over a microphone, lip curled, legs astride, with a thousand screaming fans at his feet. When you see Rebel Dean on stage, that description just about sums it up. He is a truly versatile, an all-round entertainer who’s an actor, singer, songwriter and musician.

He has always been passionate about taking this genre of music to the masses and performs a solo show – featuring songs from the legends of Rock “n” Roll. He is also available in a show with the Star Cats band and as an award-winning tribute to Shakin’ Stevens and is performing in a theatre show celebrating this great British act.

BASED:- Bristol  

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Big Beat Entertainment - Rebel Dean & The Star Cats

Rebel Dean & The Star Cats

A mix of original rockin’ anthems and great Rock “n” Roll classics,

An award-winning, 5-piece band, formed in 2015 and fronted by Rebel Dean. They perform original music as well as the classics. Performing at festivals, weekenders and clubs to name a few.

They will provide a show with a mix of original rockin’ anthems and great Rock “n” Roll classics, inspired by the legends of the ‘50’s.    

BASED:- Bristol

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Big Beat Entertainment - Chrissie Cadillac

Chrissie Cadillac

The number one ‘50’s solo act in the UK.

She offers a fun-filled performance of‘50’s & ‘60’s songs and she uses scene setters and props for a full themed event.

Chrissie’s act is perfect for themed events and vintage weddings and can also provide a photo projector hire service to display family photos or retro video footage from the 50’s & 60’s for a truly unique experience.

BASED:- Cambs

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Big Beat Entertainment - Simon Ore

Simon Ore

High energy, fun-filled, bopping and jiving show

His Rock “n” Roll show is a high energy, fun-filled, bopping and jiving show. If strolling is not your thing,there’s plenty of chances to sing along with these well-known song choices.

However, if you want to dust off the drapes or even the denim, then come and join as Simon shakes, rattles and rolls this ‘ole house away.

Simon is also available as a Shakin’ Stevens tribute.

BASED:-  West Midlands

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Big Beat Entertainment - Miss Jones

Miss Jones

Performs both covers and original music

A popular rockabilly singer and guitarist, who has been doing a residency at a 50’s Rock“n” Roll bar in London and has also played festivals recently.

She performs both covers and original music aimed at getting her audience up and dancing and admires Wanda Jackson, Peggy-Lee, Sparkle Moore and other female pioneers of the 1950’s.

She now has a lead guitarist and a stand-up bassist, who can join her for gigs.

BASED:- London

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Big Beat Entertainment - Pagan Gould

Pagan Gould

High energy show bringing you Rock “n” Roll, Rockabilly and Doo Wop from the 50’s.

A wealth of experience performing in live bands, Pagan ensures that this sound is re-created in his high-quality solo show. He will give you a high energy show bringing you Rock “n” Roll, Rockabilly and Doo Wop from the 50’s to the present day.

He has supported the likes of Little Richard, The Comets and The Jets to name just a few. You will hear hits from artists like Elvis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Bill Haley from the 50’s and bringing you a bit more up to date bands like The Jets, Stray Cats, Matchbox & Shakin’ Stevens.

BASED:-  Lincs

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Big Beat Entertainment - Mike Surman’s Rock “n” Roll Show

Mike Surman’s
Rock “n” Roll Show

Covers the best of 50’s and 60’s Rock “n” Roll

Performed with authentic instruments, amps and suits. Mike covers the best of 50’s and 60’s Rock “n” Roll featuring songs from Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, The Beatles, Gene Vincent and many more.

Between sets, he will play music related to the era, which also include authentic music cues and classic adverts to jog memories.

BASED:- West Midlands

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Big Beat Entertainment - Rusti Steel

Rusti Steel

Lives, breathes and sweats Rock “n” Roll!

He has a wealth of experience and knowledge of Rock “n” Roll gained from many years singing and playing lead and steel guitar in bands. In his solo show “Rusti’s Rock “n” Roll Roundup, he performs 50’s favourites that we all know and love, that will have you either tapping your toes or up on your feet a-rockin’ the dance floor.

Rusti is also currently running a Rockabilly/Rock “n” Roll band, Rusti Steel and the Star Tones, who are available through Big Beat Entertainment.

BASED:- Northants

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Big Beat Entertainment -  The Kopy Katz

The Kopy Katz

Wild Rockabilly 3-piece band

A high-octane, wild Rockabilly 3-piece band that cover songs by The Stray Cats as well as 50’s rockers like Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Elvis.

They will also apply their own unique rockabilly sound to T-Rex, The Rolling Stones, Billy Idol and others.

Based: Herts

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