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The acts in this section provide shows containing adult themes and bad language and, in the words of Betty Bangs Sha, “are certainly not for snowflakes”.

You may want to consider the age of the audience that will be viewing the show when making a booking.

These acts can be booked in any combination of drag act, vocalists, strippers or adult comedian to suit your event and are an ideal opportunity to sell as ticketed events.

Although not listed, we have access to both male and female strippers.


Big Beat Entertainment - The Squirrels

The Squirrels

The freshest drag act in town!

Christopher and Kennie formed the drag duo who appeared on the X-Factor in 2018. They are both live vocalists with outrageous comedy and killer heels.

Wherever they perform they promise to always deliver a high energy performance always leaving people hungry for more.  

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Big Beat Entertainment - Mrs Dougtyfire

Mrs Dougtyfire

A fast-paced stand-up comedy show in drag

Comedian Adrian Doughty is extremely talented at providing a fast-paced stand-up comedy show in drag as Mrs Doughtyfire (based on Mrs Doughtfire).

Ideal for hen nights, ladies’ nights, football and rugby dinners. He’ll be sure not to disappoint and if you want something a little more tame, he can accommodate this too.

Adrian does also offer a Mrs Brown’s Boys act.

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Big Beat Entertainment - Dame Edna Everage tribute

Dame Edna Everage tribute

Paying homage to Barry’s true talent

Many of us grew up with the constant success of Barry Humphries’ character Dame Edna Everage.

Adrian now pays homage to Barry’s true talent with timing and use of the English language and innuendo with his tribute to the grand lady Dame Edna.

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Big Beat Entertainment - Danny Blue

Danny Blue

The Politically Incorrect comedian

Never afraid to shock the audience and is known for his repertoire of quick-fire one-liners.

Danny Blue The Politically Incorrect comedian and Adult Humourist says he loves the old main stream type of comedy, Politically incorrect, postcard type of humour, putting words in a sequence to make the audience shudder into laughter and disbelief that I have actually just said that.

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Big Beat Entertainment - Gary Kemsley

Gary Kemsley

A proper night for proper geezers

Old Skool Gentleman’s Evening which he bills as “a proper night for proper geezers”. This cheeky comedian has brilliant timing and is well known to adult audiences.

You will be assured of a great show and many laughs every time.

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Chubby GC

Performed in the style of Chubby Brown

A show of original comedy performed in the style of Chubby Brown, with the genuine North East accent, the mannerisms, the songs and not forgetting the suit, slippers, helmet and goggles!

The likeness is incredible and is endorsed and fully supported by Roy Chubby Brown himself.

A full disco set up is also available to make the evening extra special. Warning:

This show is not for the easily offended and isn’t suitable for under 18 years of age.

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Big Beat Entertainment - Gary Gobstopper

Gary Gobstopper - Blue & Unstoppable

Zany style of comedy, cheeky banter

This show offers a zany style of comedy, cheeky banter and his take on life’s observations with adult humour. It has been created to suit audiences and venues that want a comedian but not a tribute and want an adult show but not offensive.

The show can be tailored to suit any event or occasion and is very popular with the After Dinner and Sportsman’s evenings.

A full disco is also available to make the evening extra special.

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Big Beat Entertainment - Russell Valentino Hall

Russell Valentino Hall

Jokes about everyone and everything.

An old school comedian who’s not afraid to tell jokes about everyone and everything.

An adult comedian who is very much in demand who can adapt his show to suit almost any event.

He thrives on audience reaction and loves a heckler……

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