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Act Testimonials

“If you’re looking for an agency to provide you the perfect entertainment, then Big Beat is the place to look. This agency is one of very few to make sure the venue gets the right act. Tim has many years of experience to support this statement and venues come back to Big Beat time and time again for this reason. As a professional entertainer, Big Beat have ensured that not only have I been able to perform in some excellent venues but also made sure that my show is suitable for those venues. Big Beat would not supply an act they have personally not seen and vetted, so you can be assured that Tim will work hard to provide the best entertainer for you and your venue and he looks after his team of entertainers to ensure everything goes as it should.”    

Simon Ore

“Big Beat are such a professional and efficient agency, it’s always a pleasure working with them. They have the utmost respect for the venue AND the artist, which is rare. Accessible and always available and ready to go the extra mile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”      

Chrissy Caine

“I have been working for Big Beat Entertainment for about 6 years now, I’ve loved every minute too! They always provided the best venues for me to play and hopefully I have gone to said venues and knocked their socks off 😊 I raise my glass to even more successful years ahead. I would highly recommend this agency for all your venue/audience needs……LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! Xxxxxx”

Kristen Sweet

“I have been with Big Beat Entertainment for around 6 years now, existing venues enjoy a first-class service with some great acts and if you like good entertainment give Tim a ring. He will offer you some first-class acts for your venue.”  

Roger Williams

“I have worked for Big Beat Entertainment for the past 5 years since moving from Skegness & I am now Peterborough based. I’ve always found Tim very approachable and caring, making sure that he puts me in the right venue. Tim is hands on and very professional and I look forward to working with the Big Beat team for many years to come. Here’s to Tim & Ann – all the best for the future.”      

Dale Diamond

“Such a wonderful agency. As a solo female artist, I always know that Tim and Ann will send me somewhere safe. The venues that I attend are also very lovely and always make me feel welcome. Tim & Ann are always very professional, I always have my contracts well in advanced with all the right information and I always get a friendly phone call a week before to confirm all gigs. Thank You Tim & Ann!“.    

Amy Leeder

“Big Beat is one of the best agencies around. They care about the personal touch, nothing is too much trouble and you are always looked after. I have had some great gigs through them, and it is such a pleasure to work with them. Bring on the gigs.”    

Adrian Michaels

“A great agency which looks after both its acts and venues. Tim and Ann communicate frequently and effectively. I feel proud to be part of this professional entertainment team. I highly recommend booking your entertainment needs through Big Beat Entertainment.”    

Chrissie Cadillac

“As far as agencies go, for me, Big Beat are among the very best. Tim and Ann add a real personal touch, working hard to make you feel special and not like a number. The quality and frequency of work is great and they are literally only a phone call away, should you need them. They check in, they have your back and they get you regular quality work. I would recommend their services highly.”  

Paul Lyon

“Big beat is the first entertainment agency I have worked for and I have nothing but nice things to say about Tim & Ann. Very professional, always checking in before and after gigs. They have managed to get me into a range of venues this year which I am very grateful for. I love performing and Big beat provide that opportunity for me. Tim & Ann are very friendly people and great to work for.”

Michelle F

“I have worked for Big Beat Entertainment for over 10 years and have always found Tim Elliott and the team amazing and caring for all their venues and acts. They really try to get right act for right venue and take time out to speak to both club and artists. Tim is hands on and will always be a phone call away, thank you Tim for being there.Here’s to you and your agency.”

Mat Roberts

“I have worked with Big Beat for 10 years. In that time, I have worked at some wonderful venues and met some great people. Whenever, the Big Beat team get together at social events or showcases, there is a great atmosphere and we are like one big family.”      


“I have been in the music business for many years and can’t express enough what a pleasure it is to work with Tim and Ann at Big Beat Entertainment. So much so that Big Beat is now my exclusive agent. It’s reassuring to work with people you can trust and don’t mess you about and go about their business in an efficient orderly manner. If you look after them, they look after you and as a performer you can’t ask for more than that. The Big Beat crew is like a big happy family and something that is nice to be a part of. If you’re serious about performing, you would have trouble finding anyone better to handle your bookings. Big Beat have a good relationship with their many venues and I’ve always found the venues to be quality places to perform.”  

Nick Dadd

“Absolutely love working for these two gems! Big Beat Entertainment is a super lovely community and I have made some amazingly close friends since becoming part of Big Beat. Constantly getting tips from the other amazing acts. Tim always checks out how it went after each gig to ensure your safety and that you were treated well, which is comforting. Come and join our family!”


“Big Beat Entertainment are the most amazing agency to work for. The venues and audiences are always welcoming and professional. Tim ad Ann always take pride in caring for their acts both personally and professionally. They are trustworthy, hard-working and fantastic agents and friends. I would highly recommend them to acts and venues alike.”    


“Big Beat Entertainment have been fantastic since my first gig with them about a year ago. They are friendly and hard-working and communication is great. They know all the venues and members of the committees, making it easy for us as singers/performers to know what to expect when we arrive (load in/music tastes etc). The contracts are always up to date and user friendly. They run their business very well and are lovely people, who have even come to watch me and others in outside projects.

I hope they continue to carry on as well as they are doing, bringing a great variety of acts to venues. Thanks guys. X.”    

Rebecca Cole